LocalSend >> Share files to nearby devices. Free, open source, cross-platform



Another good one Ron never disappoint :face_with_monocle::v::sunglasses:

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It’s a file transfer apk that works alot better than apps to fire! I downloaded it on my Walmart onn and my android phone but it also works on firestick. You can find it from the downloader app and the play store on Walmart onn. Easy to use and super fast! Scaned it with Virustotal and it’s clean! Automatically finds your device, no need to change ip

Been using local send a long time. Love it. Free on most platforms.


LocalSend >> Share files to nearby devices. Free, open source, cross-platform - APKs - TROYPOINT Insider


Morning @TXRon,

I will have to try it out.

I just used it to send the MeCool KM2 tv pair fix as I was bored yesterday and did a factory reset on it. Worked like a charm! Thanks

Is there any Android phone sideload app that can load apk files directly from the phone to the ONN box?

I use “send files to tv”

Tried it today. Everything seemed to work smoothly but after the transfer I can’t find the apk file I sent to my ONN box.

Install X-plore on the box. I have version 4.30.26 Now not sure whynyou would send an APK install file to the ONN when you can get them through the ONN. Now if you meant you sent an APP over then have a look for it in the settings>apps

permissions, permissions, permissions

Thx. I’m an “experimenter” and just wanted to see if it could be done.

Gotcha. Did you find it? Now ya got me curious.

Not yet. Tried it twice using the TroyPoint app as a subject. No error messages. Transfer was successful but no can find the file.

Ya that’s where the X-plore app comes in. You can see all the hidden files and it has a specific function to search for say the APKs.

If its a system app go to apps, see all apps and scroll down to the bottom and click SHOW SYSTEM APPS.