LocalBTV a little help please

Trying to get LocalBTV to work on my fire stick. I activated my VPN and signed up and then downloaded the app. It says because I’m not in the Chicagoland area it won’t allow me to get the Chicago stations. But I did use a Chicago VPN to make my account and download the app. Any help or suggestions?

I had the same issue. Although, I did get some channels working, but not all. You have to disable location on your device. Unfortunately you can’t do that on most streaming devices. The only way that I could see to circumvent that issue was to connect your VPN directly to your incoming isp provider’s modem/router. This way you might be able to mask your location from LocalBTV?

I was able to get everything on my laptop, because my laptop let me turn off location. So what I did was first disable location. Then I started up my VPN and chose a source from an area they serve. I chose Chicago. Then I went to their site and signed up using a zip code from the area I said I was located. Everything loaded and worked properly. Then I just cast from my laptop to my tv and all was good.

I had limited success going to their site on my streaming device via either Downloader browser or Firefox. Like I said, some channels worked and some didn’t. Also, I could not get it to work at all on my phone. They insisted that I turn on my location for anything to work.

I am originally from the Chicagoland area and my son still lives there. I was thinking if he could sign-up using my phone or laptop and then send it back to me if that would work?

The LocalBTV is very limited and is really not worth the hassle. It’s good enough for a freebie if you are in a pinch. Now with that being said, they say they are looking into expanding channels and locations.

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What a great response. Thank you for all the wonderful information you shared.

Seems like you and I are basically in the same situation about wanting to get to Chicago broadcast. I love the Chicago news and the broadcasters.

I think I tried doing what you said but it didn’t even allow me to get anything. The only way I’d ever try this again is if you talk me through it over the phone or something.

Thanks again for explaining and taking the time with your response. That was very nice of you.

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I used get a userid/password from a friend that had a paid subscription to a region, cable company where I wanted to watch something. Then downloaded app from cable company. Changed VPN to that location and signed in with their credentials. Computer browsers remember location data. There are ways to change that too.


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