Local Store selling "Jailbroken" Firesticks-semi scam

This store repairs computers & phones and sells new & refurbed computers & phones. We’re looking for a laptop, and 2-3 years ago we had a great experience with this shop.

SO, here’s what they’re selling a ‘jailbroke’ FS Lite for: $75.
The Firestick with Cinema & TvTap installed :open_mouth: :skull_and_crossbones:

If you bring your own firestick in, they’ll ‘program’ it for you for a ‘measely’ $40!
If for whatever reason that you need to get your 'stick ‘refreshed’ or ‘reprogramed’ it’s a mere $10.

One thing about America, snake oil never goes away :grinning:


This is an on going thing, your better off to learn to do it yourself. Never buy a “jailbroken” box or stick… where i live its all over town and kijji. Ignore and move on.

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Yep, in spades.
I don’t even think this is a great idea for the vendor, even putting the legal issues aside.
Counting on TvTap is kind of like counting on my wife for punctuality,

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LOL Do you remember a few years back when Amazon had thousands of people selling “Jailbroken” Fire Sticks with KODI, APK’s etc… People literally were openly advertising this stuff and it took Amazon a while to realize that this is not legal.

These things were selling like crazy. I’m hoping that the buyers figured out how to fix their stick when inevitably something broke 2 weeks after they paid $125 for their “Jailbroken” Sticks. LOLOLOL


There’s a flea market up the street from me open on the weekends. There’s a guy there selling a similar type setup with IPTV Smarters and Cinema. I was very tempted to be a dick and tell all his customers that his apps are a little outdated and that smarters doesn’t even compare to Tivimate. I have no idea what IPTV service he was pushing. Hopefully something legal, but it was probably just a bunch of public channels.


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