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Hi. I am not able to watch my local nbc news on kodi. It was fine right up until about a month ago, and now instead of nbc 4 New York, I’m getting Nbc 6 Miami.
I am using fire cube and I’m on kodi 19.3 with xenon latest version.
I have contacted my vpn (ipvanish) and they also don’t know what is wrong.
Does anyone have any ideas ?
All the other news channels are coming up in Florida also

I’m assuming IPVanish is set to a server in New York. Correct? I tried seeing if their is a location setting in Kodi but all I can find is one for the weather location in Kodi.

Ipvanish have looked into it and I’m not having any leaks, so I assume it’s either xenon that’s at fault somehow or kodi settings, but more people would be having issues in those cases

I’m not talking about VPN leaks. I just wanted to be sure your VPN is set to connect to a server in New York.

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Yes it’s set to New York, but if I set to to anywhere else it still stays in Miami

How very odd. I don’t know your circumstances or location but have you tried shutting IPV off, clearing it’s cache and while it’s off connect to the channel you want or try to connect? I remember an article I read and troy mentioned that on occassion IPV may report the wrong location. I might also try a more radical test and connect to say LA and then see what channel you get. Then return to a NY server.
Can you think of any changes or additions you did a month ago when this started?


I will try that ty. I did try Denver as a location, but I cannot get it to go anywhere but Miami. All the other live news channels are also stuck in Miami, not just nbc

In short, yes I have tried all those suggestions, but thanks
The only changes I have made was to update xenon to the latest version

I have the thing happen. A while back we were getting New York locals here in FL. At that time I tried changing VPN location and it did not work. I even tried disconnecting the VPN and still got NY stations. Like you, I currently have Miami locals. I suspect you are stuck with it.

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Wanna swap ? Lol. Thanks for taking time to respond !

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