Live Streaming apps

Anyone else having trouble (no data error) with live streaming apps?

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Well I use live streaming apps all the time and don’t have any issues. So we need a bit more info to get an idea how to help you. What app? What Device? VPN? for starters.

I have a Nvidia Sheld with IPVanish installed, both updated.The apps in question are Ola Tv and Ocean Streamz, LiveNet Tv and RedBox TV are working, After playing around with everything I have uninstalled Ola and its two players and reinstalled Ola and its two players. I see Ola updated their play list (which in the past was usually done about every 2 weeks on Sunday.) The play lists load but the links within them get and error code, “this link is down.” I finally change my vpn protocol toIKEv2 and now I get connected. I haven’t done anyyhing with Oceans yet.

I use OLA all the time. You need Kshaw to load your favorites in. Ludio player is your player and OLA has about 1400 listed servers. I’ve gone through 900 so far to get ones with good North American links. Now OLA is glitchy imho but I know a way to fix that. For Kshaw clear cache only as clearing data will wipe out your saved channels. Now in both Ola and Ludio you will clear Data and Cache and then reset permissions to “allow”. This usually allows me to test about another dozen or so servers to see if their content is any good and if the streams are steady and not buffering, before I once again get the “this link is down”. Now there are other occasions when it will say that the URL is not working, but you can select one that does work and then go back to the one that didn’t and click on it and it will load. Once you have opened a server you will have to wait for the “download complete” popup before trying to open anything. I use OLA mostly when I know the exact network or channel I want and then once in a server I click “all” and then click the search on the top right and type in what channel I want and click search, then choose from the location I want, France, UK, US, etc.

Thanks for your input

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