Live Sports Buffering

Anyone else having this problem? Doesn’t matter where I connect using IpVanish or Surfshark, the buffering is insufferable. Switch to an IPTV channel and zero buffering. This has just started in the past few weeks. Thx in advance

That’s why we pay for an IPTV provider - big sports events will normally have some blocking and free streaming sites are hit or miss with buffering at that time


Would help if we knew what App you’re using for free sports.

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Same problem here. What do you switch to that gets zero buffering.

I use paid services, , , on Tivimate. Only sports buffer

Careful. Please delete any named unverified IPTV services. It’s against the rules and leaves the site open to negative scrutiny. Tx.

try watching channels that dont get the same use look around on the networks not in the place the game is i watch a lot of celtic game from a bangor maine channel

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Are you saying your sports channels buffer during sports events on your paid service?

Have not had any issues with paid service streaming.
My current provider has multiple streams of popular channels - 3 in my case to choose from.
You could try watching the same sports event from a different countries sports channel - as luck would have it, most are in English. Google search what channels are covering the sport you wish to watch.

My last provider had issues and would ask me to change VPN to another country.
Which country works would be try and see if buffering stops depending where you are located. For me, it was another country in Europe.

You should ask your provider if there is an issue - could be a temp issue.
If you need to find another provider, get a month sub to fully test it;
24 hour trial is not long enough and normally do not have sports

I replaced my old H96Max with a new Hako Pro. Buffering issue is now resolved …