Live Local Network Channels

I recently upgraded my Firestick to the 4K. How do I get the Live local channels, mainly out of Philadelphia? What app do I need to load on the Firestick?

You don’t. You will need an antenna if you want local network channels. An IPTV app (some paid, some free) may let you receive national networks but most probably not your local stations.

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HDHomeRun or amazon RECAST is needed.

Try this for now. I will look in the F2V playlist and see if Philly is there to. I just now pulled up your city on Local Now app.

The F2V m3u has Pittsburgh but i didn’t see any Philly. There is a PBS 39 - Philly in the PBS group. Pluto has a CBS News - Philly. Found another Fox 29 - Philly in a free m3u

Foynd a whole of Pittsburgh channels in most of my m3us.

Here’s another free option you can try.
You can use this link to check if your library participates or use this link to check your university. It’s all free and legal!

PhillyBTV | Watch local Philadelphia TV on LocalBTV!

Free News, Shows, Movies and Channels | Local Now

I have found these in my paid iptv service. If you want more info about that service. You will need to PM me: ABC 6 - WPVI, WCAU - NBC 10, CBS 3 - KYW, FOX 29 - WTXF, CW 57 - WPSG, News 69 - WFMZ, CBSN - Philly, PBS NUTTY - Philly, PBS Kids - Philly, PBS - WHYY, PHL 17 - WPHL