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Just thought I would let y’all know. I’m setting up a formuler z-10 and while doing so I installed the live channel app from the play store. That app doesnt play well with my ugoos so ive worked around it. But with the z10 it has detected my hd homerun(local channels), pluto tv and zumo tv app and now combined them all into the channels app. Pretty cool because that is what ive been doing with trial and error with m3u and epg files within tivimate. So this box seems to have eliminated my need to constantly be updating my files due to these are all legit sources and updated automatically :+1:

just an fyi… I havent dug in yet :grimacing:


Ok my friend, got the links from Troy to install LC and TVirl, so once the Nascar race is over I’ll give it a spin. Tx for the info.

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The much coveted MYtvOnline2 is nothing to call home about :joy:… I mean its ok but its not Tivimate…maybe 2nd or 3rd but The King Tivimate still takes 1st place.

Its start to look like as Troy Pointed out that the remote is the star attraction here. Mine came with 2 remotes, one being bluetooth.

Thanks for the info Going to try it later.

Attn: @TP-Dracoo …pardon my interruption sir but did you ever try wolf launcher on formuler?


No, because i enjoyed the simplistic menu it had on it. I just had my main apps done. Dont think you can use it on their device

yea, me neither cause I tried. Lets me install but always reverts back

Im not used to this amount of viewable apps, but I digress :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

also just found this handy…
Simple remote manual & Hidden functions - Formuler Helpdesk

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@TP-Dracoo well I was able to disable the stock launcher and put the wolf on… lookin’ good now. :+1:

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Which Z10 are you talking about is it the Z10 Zidoo box…? I’ve tried the Live Channel App on my Zidoo Z10, but it didn’t work on it

formuler z10 pro max


That’s good, i may try buy i just enjoy the simple stock launcher. I just put wallpapers on and good to go.

Send me a box :slight_smile:

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It took a little work to move their stock lean back launcher but I managed. I like simple also and to me wolf is much more toned down than any other while also allowing me to turn it up if I want. I set up lots of boxes for seniors and too much on the screen is a distraction :joy:… I will get cussed at for it being too flashy and dominoes thrown at me :rofl:

I must try one of these Formuler Z10 pro max. This box got some real good reviews. I have just purchased a Zidoo Z10 pro, and it is wonderful

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