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I’m not sure if this is new or I just now discovered it. It seems the Live Channel did a bit of an update. The new app is called Live Channel Launcher, but when checked the old Live Channel app they seemed identical. Maybe when I downloaded the new app it updated the old app? Usually, when you try to download an app, you already have a message will pop in the install and ask you if you wish to update your existing app. Anyway, the app has changed a bit.

It seems to now have a paid ($13 a year) option which allows you to load some iptv channels. They offer a free trial, so I did that just to see what it did. It claims it loaded 300 iptv channels. Now I did not input any m3us so I am not certain where these channels came from? However, not all channels did load and a lot of the iptv channels did have an epg present. Picture quality for the most part is meh. Sound is okay.

It seems of the 300 iptv channels they claim loaded about 100+ are USA based. There was a varied amount of Canadian and UK offerings. The rest were from most France, Asian, some Turkey, and I think some Japan channels. The other channels that were pulled are from Pluto and Xumo. All the channels that play in each group did so without any buffering.

Another feature I believe was added is a DVR. Channels that can be recorded will have a notation on the channel’s epg that recording is allowed or not.

Bottom line, the new app has potential, but is far from replacing anything you have right now. It would be nice if it would scrape all the free channels from every app so you would have a real one-stop-shop! At present you only get 3. Unless you set up your vlc sever properly or get an external antenna to feed into it.

Curious about anyone’s experience with this app. Is it worth pursuing?

in the last shield update there was some sort of live channel integration. I messed with it a bit but found it to be basic and I couldnt do much with it. It will draw in most of the free stuff, xumo, pluto etc as well as any local tuners you might have.

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I had the old app for a long time, but never have used it much. Like you said it is very basic and clunky to navigate.

I was just curious if anyone found it useful and why. I have since deleted both apps basically because I haven’t ever used it all that much.

I am now testing a new app to me called “Western Cowboy Movies”. They offer a paid premium sub for $6 a month or $50 for a year. They do have 1-week free trial, but I doubt I will mess with it.

It does offer a ton of cowboy flicks and even stuff that is not cowboy related at all.

Edit: I just found out I cannot delete the old Live Channels app. The best I can do in is disable it. Since when did nVidia crawl in bed with Google?

The Airy tv app has tons of western movies…new and old for free as well as alot of other content…google…it’s a free app

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Yeah, I used to have that app, but got rid of it a long time ago. I don’t recall why but I got a sneakin’ feeling it was because I already have about 30 media apps right now! lol

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yep i luv it because of all the fishing shows it has and record alot of those fishing shows to disc for the diff seaons
sorta like pluto but diff content that i also enjoy,westerns being one…lol

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where is this western app located ? i watch a lot of oold western movies

Got it from The Play Store on my device.

Western Cowboy Movies - Apps on Google Play

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