Links backing out after moments of playing

Hi, for the past few days ive been having issues playing any video content on kodi via real debrid links…

The video playback literally just stops afyer only moments of playing and then quickly jumps back to the list of links

i dont even get a chance to fast forward or go back the playback it just instantly stops after a few minutes and kicks me off the film or show and back to the list of links found, it seems to be every single realdebrid link i use no matter what movie or show!

Im using kodi 18.9 with exodus redux on a 4k fire stick everything is up to date, i have reset realdebrid and uninstalled exodus redux and vpn amd installed them again, i have also reset internet hub and cleared all cache option on kodi and exodus also my real debrid account still has 80 days of membership left

Ive never had this issue before so was wondering if realdebrid is having issues and if anyone else has reported this happening?!


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Why not update Kodi to 19.5 or 20.0? Not sure that is causing your issue, but they have changed which versions are now considered stable.


Thanks for your reply i have resolved the issue nord vpn has updated and automatically enabled some mew features stopping the links from working, im aware there are newer versions of kodi available but have kept leia 18.9 as exodus redux does not work woth newer updated versions of Kodi and i have been using that add on for years with no issues so would rather stick with that till its dead then i will try other options. Thanks


Thank you for letting us know. Hopefully this Nord update will fix the issues that everyone is having!

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Honestly you should rid 18.9 and exodus… use seren/crew on 19.4 or 20 with real debrid

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What options need to be disabled on Nord VPN? I’m having some issues with Kodi as well.

For the moment, switching protocol to TCP has been helping many. They apparently are working for a fix, so fingers crossed…hopefully soon it will be sorted out.


Many thanks AMD, after many frustrating days changing settings and connections, Cinema and Beetv are back to normal. Both services were playing for exactly 3 minutes then freezing. Your suggestion regarding Nord has resolved the issue. Thanks again.
I should have looked at this site first!


I am having thr same issue! Is driving me insane! Have upgraded to 20 and downgraded to 19.4 with no luck.What do I need to do with Nord please, and how do I do it, in laymans terms? Have used Kodi for 15 years. But at 65 I need clear instructions! :roll_eyes::joy:


The quick fix right now is to switch your VPN protocol to TCP (OpenVPN).


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