Link Device to Real-Debrid in KODI

After installing CREW add-on in Kodi, trying to authorize device (TV) under Universal Resolvers menu. It generates a code for me to enter, but instead of going to Real-Debrid | Application Authorization I’m taken to AllDebrid: Connect your device (which wants $10 more per month) to sign up. I tried entering the authorization code on real-debrid but I get invalid code entry. Everything else in CREW seems to work-I just don’t get any “RD” links.
Any ideas and help?? Thanks!

Are you sure you are trying Real Debrid and not AllDebrid in The Crew? Sometimes it’s easy to select the wrong one.


There is the following.

Real debrid ← you want this to authorize.
All debrid.

As stated above, you probably doing the wrong one.

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Thanks! That did the trick and everything works great now. I didn’t realize I had to scroll down the page of different ones to find real debrid. I’m new at this streaming game so everything new I learn helps me for the next time.