Launchers/Storage/Play Store - Problem solved

Thank you to whoever posted Triple M’s YouTube review of the ONN Mi Box. Triple M also had a review of TiVo streaming 4k vs. Firestick 4k on YouTube. I watched it and several others on TiVo. I checked Chigz Review Charts. Tivo runs the real Android TV software which means you can load Wolf Launcher and comes with the Google Play Store, bonus you get a USB(C) port built in, memory flash drives are cheap. So I paid $33.40 to Amazon and bought one. I see prices between $31-$40 normally. Not being in Firesticks payroll/pocket I can tell you I prefer TiVo and can’t imagine any newbie not using TiVo or similar. Thanx to TROY’S excellent YouTube video on setting up/installing Wolf. Pre loaded apps are all 4k. My granddaughter wants mine but at that price, I’ll just buy another.


I tested out a Tivo 4k last week. My take is yes its nice and I do prefer it to a firestick but I didnt try wolf launcher on it. I most likely would have even liked it better but it wasnt for me so I didnt lift the hood and modify anything.

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