Launcher manager download

Having a problem when I using Troy point rapid installer and try to download the launcher manager for fire tv. It downloads properly but when I go to install it brings up parse error, problem parsing the package.
Don’t have any problems downloading other apps off the app. Any ideas?

Hi @Porterhouse
This error message pops up for a variety of reasons.
A quick couple of things to ask:

  1. Did your device recently update its OS?
  2. Perhaps forgot to turn on install from unknown sources

Not sure if it recently updated by my current fire OS version is

Also checked and i have apps from u known sources turned on.

Any other ideas?

It’s a 2nd gen firestick.

So my next thing might be that there is an incompatible application and your current version of your Firestick current version.
The other idea is there is an infected file, but I doubt that, as you mentioned you downloaded from the TP RAI and all those APK’s are scanned for and Cyrus or malicious malware.

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