Latest Xenon Plus build

Recently I set up a Firetv Cube for my daughter. I put Kodi 20 on it and the latest Planet Diggz. I am not a big fan of the layout. My all time favorite build is Xenon Plus 7.8. In my opinion It has the right balance and format. So, before I set up another device can someone direct me as to where I can choose 7.8?

From the Planet Diggz 1.4 home page menu bar, scroll right until you come to the Xenon title. Click on the skin download option to get the Xenon skin for your home page. Unfortunately, if you want to keep your previous Xenon version, Diggz constantly updates these builds and eventually, they won’t work as well as the most recent versions. I have seen this with his builds over the past 5 years. Like it or not, Diggz always looks for changes and updates to his builds.

Thank you for the help. I am all for embracing the creative changes that come with a new build. However, the new layout other than being completely new seems very chaotic. I will definitely look into changing to a different skin.

I think what threw me off on the Planet Diggz build was the Chef Wizard did not contain the Xenon build like in the past. Not sure of the logic there.

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