LAN wired Vs Wifi

Used different adapters and cables etc, inserted into alternate HDMI, put Firestick and LAN adapter on another TV etc…no joy! I just think these adapters have a real issue with the LAN and USB memory data and power competing to use the small micro USB connection port in the Firestick.

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I hear ya and you can only spend so much and wonder why you just didnt get another tv box because some of the quality cables/adapters can be $$$$…

What’s weird is, Sketch didn’t have problem one with the 5 SMAYS he bought…yet the other poster had problems like King…I’m perplexed :face_with_peeking_eye:

I don’t think it’s bonkers at all amigo. I use the last method you describe ans it’s flawless. Also on the 4k max I get faster speeds with WiFi over ethernet. On the Max the Amazon ethernet adapter is only 10/100, I get better speeds with WiFi 5Ghz band. .

same for me with the km2 box. its 10/100 and the wifi gets better :upside_down_face:

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Yup, wifi solves all issues, so staying with it! Just nutz that the LAN adapters are so hit and miss.

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Different lan adapters probably have different power regiment and different connectivity. Cheaper ones probably fail while more expensive ones work better. Also taking more power from your stick than necessary will result in issues with the device.

Im glad sticking with wifi is working for you, probably the best option as firesticks with lan are only 10/100


My power adapter is 5w that came with the firestick 4k.I have also toyed with the idea that it may be the Ugreen but we’ll see if I have any more problems.

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