Kraken not working

Just downloaded Kraken after reading that it is a top live tv app on Troypoint. The app downloaded just fine. But none of the channels work. You click the channel and nothing happens. I have restarted my firestick, cleared cache, tried both MX and Android players. This topic was also posted a year ago and there was no solution.

Please help as it looks like a great app with lots of tv channels. Do I need to register or do something else? Surely, I cant be the only one with an issue?

Sorry, I forgot to mention in my original post that I downloaded Kraken Version 1.5.4 on my Firestick TV 4K, OS (NS6295/4448). Hope that helps

Move on, look into iptv provider instead.

Sure, its easy to move on. However, IPTV does not work when i travel internationally. and it is nice to have an alternative. And secondly, if Kraken is not working, then I suggest Troypoint remove it as a “recommendation” .

Well, if you travel internationally then look into a provider that doesnt lock your ip so you can use anywhere. You will have to look around and talk to someone.

And no, it may be working for others. Guides get updated every month. But traveling internationally and live tv you will have issues. Try vod style aps instead. It will work better for movies and shows.

Thanks for the advice and i will research other IPTV providers.

The FAQs shows this topic was raised several months ago with no response. So I really dont now how well the Kraken link is working for others. It would be good to hear from others and their experience. But there does not seem to be a lot of uptake on this topic and it will close in 5 days. Anyways, I tried.

you are right worked fantastic for one day now when you click a channel nothing happens cleared cache,force stopped, reinstalled still the same

Probably because not alot of people use it. But if it’s down then its down. Try other apps.