Kodi/Xenon- how to put Addons on the xenon opening page

Have Xenon build. Added Crew. How can I get it on the xenon opening page with other Addons instead of going to repository

If you are talking about the Xenon Plus Ver 21, the opening page is set up as weather (whatever location you choose). It should be the opening page for all the Diggz Xenon builds.

If you already added The Crew it should be in the Addons section at the top. Just scroll left of right and it will be there.

Or you can save as Favorite and it will show up there as well.

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Ultimately, you shouldn’t really need to click on a Crew link.
When you select a movie or TV show from a list or search in Xenon, it will open the player dialog box. Then you should have the option of which addon you would like to play it. Umbrella, Seren, Crew, etc.
Select the Crew and let it scrape and then choose your preferred link.

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What @Jimmy_J said about the selection of addon is spot on.

Also, after you added any additional addons remember to resynch your debrid and trakt. If you add multiple addons at the same time you just need to resynch once and they will all be added.

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Thank you both so much for your prompt and good advice. I can’t believe after years with Xenon I never really “used”it.

I just looked below the category never “above”. I never tried search list. Picked add on first, then search movie.

Thanks again


No problem glad it worked out.

Yeah the bottom is set up by the developer to his preferences. Anytime you add an addon it will be at the top. If for any reason you still cant find it click “Addons” and it will take you to a menu. Choose my addons and all addons. They will be listed alphabetically.

Any questions let us know. There are a few people here that use that build.

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