Kodi wont play any movies no debrid account

Installed kodi in firestick all the apps but nothing will play message says no debrid account im lost now can someone help me please .

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Hi @Fudge123
Try this out and follow the tutorial to get a real-debrid account. Once you do, you need to fund the account.
Come back here if you have anymore questions.
Good luck


I use the free plus build.

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I find that I do not use a build, I just use individual addons. I am however finding that some of the newer addons use a lot more real debrid links, so I don’t install them.

Just watch a tutorial on this site about setting Kodi up with only one add-on, The Crew. Builds are pretty and appealing, but as the poster pointed out it is always updating ALL the addons in the background thus slowing down abit. If all you are interested in is streaming movies and TV shows use The Crew. It is best to use Real Debrid because for example with debrid you will get hundreds of feeds, while with the free portion you might get only a few.

On kodi Without debrid I suggest “the oath”, it has links that the crew doesn’t. If your satisfied with 720 hd quality, the oath has good links with very little buffer.


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