Kodi Won't Open

I keep reloading Kodi and and it works for a week then will not load at all on my 4K Max. Any suggestions to keep it running?

check how much space you have on stick may need to clear caches

Sounds like the cache needs to be cleared,

Settings/applications/manage applications/ Kodi/clear cache.
Re-power it up , you might not have enough memory storage.

yeah kodi is a huge app wouldn’t recommend on firestick cube would be more suitable. app on its own is huge then builds or if you download a lot of addons it can become massive and especially on firestick need an app killer and cache cleaner app do it manually or get an app TDUK app killer and cache cleaner is the simplest way to do device Maintenace and manage background processes uh fast task killer is a free app that is useful but the other two are worth the money $2

I have had the same issue with Kodi. Since I purchased the new firestick with more memory and faster processor the problem has gone away. However, the practice of clearing the cash memory is always a good idea whichever device you use on whatever application, it just makes sense to do it as a regular process…

Add a maintenance addon that will clear your Kodi cache etc. every time you start.

Thank you everyone, it worked. Very grateful