Kodi vs Xenon Diggs

Help  I installed Xenon diggs on Kodi and it has taken over and I can no longer get into kodi settings

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I’m not sure I understand the question or issue you are having. Could you explain in more detail so we can try to help?


I don’t have that build installed myself so I can’t tell you how to get into the settings. But if you want to go back to stock Kodi just go into your apps list and clear data and cache from Kodi.


Omg i’m on my phone and all i saw from your message was that you installed Diggz on Kodi. Now i realize I have to swipe over to see the rest of your message. Ignore my post lmao.:speak_no_evil:

When I open Kodi - Xenon Diggz opens and everything is in there from add ons that were originally in Kodi - maybe Should have shut down add ons each time I downloaded a new app but I don’t know how. Thank you for responding

So let me start my train of thought over. You are looking for the settings menu and can’t find it right? There is nothing in the main bar on the build? I haven’t had Xenon for a little while, but I’m trying to think back.

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Yes, it seems the Chef Wizard is working again but the Diggz Xenon build is not offered

What if you go to the addon menu, go down to program addons and access the wizard from there to see if any builds are offered.

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I’ve been using Diggz Xenon with great success. I’ve seen some users are having issues updating for some reason but I just updated to version 9.1 with no issues. Its just a easier to use KODI front end with a pretty nifty weather app integrated as well.

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Also, on the main startup page choose Diggz Xenon and look to the left side and you will Diggz Xenon update. Click on it for the current update.

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I have the new Xenon, I love the weather interface it has too @Worldeye and also love the retro gaming addon as well. I’ve been using it pretty much since it came back out recently and they just put out another update today actually 9.2. but I’m still able to get into every possible setting there is and have been able to do so since day 1, all of the main settings like kodi settings, update xenon, the wizard settings and cleaning tools and whatnot are all on the “xenon” page! If you’re looking for like the addons/addons browser, the file manager and installing from repos & zip files those will be found on the “add-ons” page!! Which particular setting are you looking for exactly and maybe I can help locate it for ya!!

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