Kodi update to 19.2

I’m just wondering if you update to kodi 19.2 will i have to reinstall my add-ons

Welcome to the show! Troy covers it here and may have your answer

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Hello @ChrisB68 when updating within the current build, you shouldn’t need to reinstall any addons. When I say current build, I mean updating within the 19 ecosystem. If you were updating from 18.9 to 19.2 that’s a different story and many wouldn’t work.

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Thank you for the information


When I upgrade from Kodi 18.9 to 19.2, how can I save my FAVORITES ? Or is this not an option?
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Welcome to out community. I’m not sure what device your using for me I have to hold down okay on the remote and on the file I want saved to favorites go and it should bring up a menu save to favorites.

Or right click.

Sorry - using Fire TV 4k

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