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I have had Kodi 19.1 installed on external storage for some time. Been working well. New stable release is 19.4 and I’d like to update to 19.4 but I can not locate how to do that with Kodi on external storage. I have a large database so moving the app back to internal storage, updating and moving back to external is probably not an option. I have another app, HDHomeRun that needs updating as well and I assume that would follow the same process. Appreciate any guidance here. Thanks for looking.

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What device is this on?

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If this your first time consider reading TP manual and watching the video tutorial. You will also need TP Rapid App Installer, and Downloader. You can find those in Table of content.
How to Update Kodi on Firestick
Update Kodi on Android

Sorry @Miki I was typing when you added your post.

Fire TV Stick 4K

No problem matrix, all good. There are instructions for the 4k Max that show if you want to update apps on the usb drive it has to be set up as internal storage, but it can be set up as external. So that’s why knowing what device will allow me to give better advice and directions. Happy Easter @Matrix have fun and STREAM ON.

Oh dear, that older stick is a problem and doesn’t work well with added usb storage.


Yeah NP we both trying to help.
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Not opposed to upgrading to more simply accomplish this since the firestick itself is not too pricey. Which unit do I want to most current? Is it the 4K Max?

Fire TV Stick 4K Max streaming device, Wi-Fi 6, Alexa Voice Remote (includes TV controls)

I can’t advise you what is best for you, that all depends on what you want to accomplish. I have, and love, 4K Max Sticks, but the Onn is android and if you search here you will see many comments for it. For a little more money Ugoos is well reviewed and talked about as well.


If you want to use alot fo kodi stuff, apps and builds a 4kmax isnt for you.

On a 4kmax you kodi + seren + tivimate + syncler would be all you need. That nets you wirh just enougn space for the stick to operate properly.

Anything more plus tweaking get a android device. Lots of commets at hand.

Older firesticks dont handle storage well.

Thanks. Ya… not interested in moving away from the Amazon product. I just want to simply update Kodi and other external stored applications vs what sounds like an uninstall, an install and then a move. I thought I read that the 7+ OS allows for this to happen in a much simpler fashion.

Yes the 4k Max handles external storage very well.

Fire TV Stick 4K Max fully supports External USB Storage with ease | AFTVnews.

Thanks for staying with me on this. So, based on what you know, I assume apps stored externally can be updated as needed on the external drive then?

Please read that link I provided. It explains exactly what to do and how. It’s a good read.

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