Kodi update 18.1 to 18.9 on T95

Tried updating basic Kodi on my T95 android box from 18.1 to 18.9. Tried using Google app store but doesn’t show an update available for Kodi on my device. When searching the store for Kodi, it only shows an open and uninstall button. Also tried the Tripoint Rapid app installer. file downloads but when trying to install it always says “file not installed”. Also tried using “Downloader” to download from “troypoint.com/kodistable”. Same results. Checked and my device still shows I have 18.1 installed.

Suspect that my only recourse is to “uninstall” Kodi and reinstall with the new build, but reluctant due to having to reload all my Kodi installed apks. Using Tempest, The Crew, Exodus, mainly. If these work with Kodi 19 this may be a good option. If not yet, then I may just wait some more until they do.

Suggestions/advise appreciated in advance.


You can install older versions of kodi and the crew and others you mentioned have been updated for 19 and work with 18.9 as well.

Read it on reddit.

I would uninstall and reinstall the version of your choice as those are now supported by 18 and 19

Thanks for the info. Makes my decision that much easier. I don’t have that many APKs to reload. The most time consuming will be reloading my favorites (series) I have been watching.
Thanks Again

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