Kodi Trakt Limit Has Been Reached

I recently started using my firestick after a 1.5 year break so I uninstalled and reinstalled Kodi and The Crew add on, reauthorized my real debrid and trakt but for some reason I keep getting an error message that trakt limit has been reached. I have searched and have only found information geared toward developers about how to fix it within their app but nothing for me to address it. I am not particularly tech savy so any assistance would be much appreciated, thanks!

Might be that you have too many shows to sync. I know that I had to create a separate, new trakt account to use with Seren, because my normal trakt account had too many shows that it wouldn’t sync properly.

Could be that, could be something else. I just went back to my FS 4K because of issues with my Mecool box and I haven’t had any issues or errors come up and I have the same apks installed.

Thank you for the reply! I considered that and I went in and deleted a lot of things but then when I was reading about the developer side of it, I don’t that was the issue. I think tt has to do with how Kodi and The Crew are communicating but am not sure. There may be some option that is supposed to be checked or not checked.

I have put cinema back on my fire stick and at first, it seemed to be working with Trakt but now it isn’t registering shows either. :disappointed: