Kodi The crew iptv not working

The crew add on the Kodi IPTV section will not open . This began to occur last week. I have uninstalled and reinstalled and still the same result. Anyone else having this problem? Have they shutdown the tv links?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated!!!


Use the search feature on the site, there are plenty of posts and info about The Crew and IPTV.
It’s very hit and miss, great one day, last a few weeks then awful for a few weeks. The Crew is a great addon for watching Movies and TV etc. I’d be looking at Tivimate etc with a good playlist for ‘live tv’ if looking for a reliable and stable service. Most Addon’s that have IPTV as a feature often fail to update of maintain it.

Hi @Mjc8870
So any free IPTV links are going to be hit or miss; it all depends on if the developers keep them up. This is the situation with the Crew; lately it’s been down and most likely will stay that way.
The Crew is a good app to use with Kodi for streaming movies, TV shows. That app has Mad Titan as part of their repository for sports viewing; but as far as IPTV, I would suggest getting a IPTV service. Troy has a post with all the popular verified services. There are also plenty of unverified services as well you could look into.
Good luck and thanks for the question.