Kodi superman is super slow & does not work

Kodi Superman → The Crew → TV Shows → Search

Once anything is selected thereafter, expect Kodi to force a shutdown.

Attempted to repeat. Same results.
Attempted to select MY TV SHOWS. Same results.

Conclusion: despite using VPN and Superman, it seems Kodi is a space hog on the Firestick4K. It’s painfully slow as well. Snail speed with no results= waste. Find alternative or dump “alternative” TV streaming.

Any input to bypass this SUPER SONIC SLOW with SUPER NO RESULTS is appreciated.

try Troy’s Kodi fork and then just use one orvl two addons. You could also try a powered hub with ethernet and a 64 GB USB drive and place your occassionaly used apps on it to free up the Max. Also Fast Task Killer and Background apps And Processes list you can use immediately before a kodi streaming session to free up some RAM for a better response. I use to also have a cleanup wizard set to clear Kodi at every start. GL2U.

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Spend $20 and get the 4K ONN Box. Load Build on it and throw the stick out

Troy’s Fork? I removed Superman. I’m back to THE CREW only. It’s fast but has no working links.

That’s Troy’s toolbox and contains several downloadable forks.