Kodi Stuck on Loading Screen

So I have been reading a few forum posts recently where people have come across Kodi freezing on the load screen. Just wanted to share a possible solution for people that have struggled with this issue.

First off, always try to force stop and clear cache of Kodi before doing anything further. Most of the time this will fix minor issues you are experiencing and get things back on the right track.

However, if your Kodi never progresses past the initial loading screen than I have found I have to actually delete a specific file causing an error. After looking through my Kodi Log I come across an error that reads something like this: “ERROR: SQL: [textures13.db] SQLite error SQLITE_ERROR (no such table”.

If you take the time, using one of the file explorer applications (example ES File Explorer), you can actually find this specific file (textures13.db) , delete it, and be able to reopen Kodi without getting stuck.

I have seen a few people post about installing Kodi from fresh, and I know that can be time consuming. If you ever come across this scenario, please consider giving this method a try and see if it fixes your issue.


  • Deleting this file will not have any negative affects on your Kodi addons, favorites, IPTV services, etc. Kodi will simply repopulate the file that gets deleted the next time it launches successfully.

  • What causes the issue? I believe that certain addons populate a lot of imagery from various sources (IMDB, TMDB, etc) and some of these files cause an issue sometimes at random, or at others times when the thumbnails folder limit gets exceeded.