Kodi streaming addons speed

I was wondering if anyone coukd help me with speeding up kodi addons it seems to take a long time to get sources i would like it to be as fast as the cinema hd apk

Not gonna happen. One of Kodi’s limitations is that its slow.

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Seren with orion and real debrid will be your fastest choice, but even that on a firestick will be slower. Its the hardware and resources the stick doesnt have

Stick with a single addon with the crew skeleton build or seren and wait it out.

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I have a Nvidia shield so i know its not a hardware problem. Ive used kodi off and for years and thats really the only reason i dont use it exclusively

I use the Skeleton build from Jayhawke and it loads very fast. No issues at all

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I haven’t had any problem with speed on any of the Kodi builds that I’m using
Have you tried switching to a different addon?

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Troy actually did a video on tweaking the RD settings in Resolve url & url Resolver a few years ago. Since then I’ve been tweaking it to his suggestions. Maybe that’s why I don’t have issues streaming on Kodi ?

I would uninstall kodi, reinstall and put on a single addon then follow the guides for tweaking. That should help.

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