Kodi sports not working for live football

I’ve applied real debrid on both firesticks but i cannot get any live football streams on the crew at all
I click on the match then the kodi cog appears then does nothing it won’t give me any scrapers so I installed daddy live I got one stream then went off for a minute then back for a minute and it was also buffering. I have NordVPN so that’s always been great with all my addons, it’s just the crew sports that doesn’t work
Has anyone any solutions that can help with my situation

Real Debrid isn’t for “live” TV. It’s for VOD. Two different things.

Ahh I didn’t know that so thanks, could you explain why I can’t get live stream football matches on it as I’ve watched ppv fights and different things and I was always able to watch live matches but now it seem to do any of that?

Sorry I’m not a kodi user and use an IPTV service for live TV loaded in TiViMate.

Not a problem thanks all the same :v:t2:

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I use Asgard, Loop23, Sport HD , Rising tides all these work with a VPN for Premier League, and European soccer,Mad Titan is also a good one for international sports.

Regardless of what free source you use for live tv and sports, they have become unpredictable, volatile and sometimes downright unreliable. As Miki said, Real Debrid will not help you with live stuff, only movies and shows. Try what @Kryten suggests, as I believe he knows the current and most stable ways to do it. Of course, any of them can just disappear overnight, that is the world we live in. Also try these:

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Or do some research on paid IPTV and find a reliable service or 2. While Live TV on KODI may work today remember the Dev’s maintaining these streams are unpaid hobbyists. If you are counting on consistent KODI Feeds for your NFL and Red Zone Sunday’s you may be disappointed.


I often use Kodi plus The Crew to watch NFL. The other responders are correct that RD is useless for live streams, but that’s neither here nor there.
The Crew will list many Providers ( they will say “NFL” with a purple abbreviation next to it.) and you need to check out each one to find your game. Many will come back with no response. Just select the next and the next until you find your game.

I always used The Crew for football and tbh I always got the perfect stream but I’ve tried a good few times lately. I press on fifa then it takes me to live streams and i press any one of them I get the kodi cog then it doesn’t load anything at all. It is very frustrating especially when you want to watch the match :roll_eyes::triumph:

The Crew is rubbish for fifa football, I binned it off, last year, Rising tides, Asgard and Sport HD are much better with a VPN.

It was brilliant for a spell . I tried rising tides and sport had even with a vpn as I’ve always got it connected but it was terrible they come on for a few minutes then off and on . When you’re watching a match it’s a pain when it starts to buffer so I’ve got sportsfire tv now and it seems to be ok :+1:t2:

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