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In the latest Troypoint email this week, I read how to watch the US Open Golf Tournament.
Does anyone have any Sports App recommendations which would work well in viewing the Major Tennis Open Tournaments (Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and the US Open? (The Tennis app’ doesn’t work very well for non-subscribers and, in my opinion, it doesn’t always show current match play. Also,it is too expensive to purchase just for four tournaments. I have to use one of the other sports app’s to find the tennis match I wish to watch.)

I’ve never found any app or addon that has been reliable enough where I was satisfied. I recommend signing up for an IPTV service or two and see if any of them provide the channels you want. Assuming these matches are televised on certain channels and not exclusively available through a paid app. I know some IPTV providers do include access to channels that are in some of the most popular apps. I can’t mention them in this post. But I don’t know about tennis.

Thanks Jay, I’ll have to look around at some more app’s.

I don’t subscribe to Cable TV anymore or I’d watch some of the tennis matches on Cable. The rates creeped up on my monthly bill until it didn’t fit my entertainment budget anymore; so I cancelled my cable TV and kept the Internet. I now watch a lot of movies on my Kodi Builds. I haven’t learned how to find and use a TV Guide for live TV or a PVR Kodi app. l guess I’m too old and tired.

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sportsfire tv stand alone app works really well should cover what you need

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Tivimate is the best app/guide to use with IPTV. Kodi is not as user friendly for IPTV.


Another vote for Sports Fire

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Thanks Jay, I’ll check it out.

I think Kodi is getting better; but, It’s not quite ready for prime time and the general public. But, that’s just my opinion.

I tried to watch the fights on Sports Fire but they buffered so bad I had to watch them on a different app .

Kodi just is what it is. It requires a lot of learning and customization to get it to the users standard of perfection. Most people don’t want to take the time to do all that and just want an app they can install and use without any tweaking. That’s why they gravitate toward builds but often complain about all the clutter or when something stops working. In short, Kodi is better for hobbyists and novice to expert users who don’t mind spending a lot of time fine tuning it to their liking.


Mad Titan is good for majority of sports, Wimbledon is on the BBC 1&2 (UK) you can watch it on the BBC iPlayer app , with a VPN set to UK .