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I have 3 Firesticks. All are ethernet connected with a speed of about 80 to 90. I always do maintenance , clear cache etc.
All three have buffering problems but only on sports add ons even with good internet speeds.
I took one of the sticks removed all apps, except I can’t remove Amazon apps, added three Sports addons ( Sports HD, Mad Titan, The Crew). All will not stream hockey without buffering.
I primarily watch hockey. Last season there was no buffering but there have been changes.
Last season commercials were not blacked out but I watched a clip of cleaning the ice for commercial time. Now they broadcast commercials.
I can’t research this issue anywhere. If you have any input I would appreciate it.

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All free sports links are subject to someone taking care of them and posting good links. I gave up on watching any sports through Kodi addons two years ago. I just subscribed to an IPTV service that has all the sports and they all play great. That is my only suggestion. Otherwise, you will be switching from link to link, and addon to addon trying to find a good link. Which is not worth the frustration. There are plenty of paid IPTV services for less than 20 dollars a month that stream all sports perfectly.


Yes but privacy is the question .

That is what a VPN is for. You get a VPN, and you have your privacy, your IPTV service, Kodi torrent movies and shows, and whatever else you want to do streaming. With Privacy.

But you are subscribing to a IPTV service . Surely you are not using your real address .

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another Nervous Nellie! I don’t give them my address and either pay with a credit card or with Bitcoin. You can always create a Gmail/Proton burner email and get one of those Vanilla pre-paid credit cards if you are worried. Many of us here have multiple IPTV subs



I just thought this fit…my middle name is NervousNelly so dont feel bad lol.

sportsfire stand alone app works really well

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I agree that the best solution is an IPTV subscription. My IPTV service has a dedicated NHL channel with sub channels for each team.

For free web sites, give these a try:

Latter is an offshoot of PirateBays, one of the best torrenting sites.

I had a few fire sticks. You are correct. I found it like looking at a series of still photos. Very frustrating. Gave them away, bought an Nvidia Shield Pro and 85% of the problem went away. But, streams can be unstable. Live sports are band width hogs. They’ll point out the weakest links of your system, your geography, your provider and that guy next door who inadvertently piggy backs on your router, while not knowing exactly what a router is.
Once upon a time, this ‘cord cutting’ thing was looked upon as a hobby. You put up with a few glitches. Now? We’re in a whole new world.

Hello rkujay,

Thank you for your response. I’m at the end of " What else can I do "
I have external storage, ethernet connected, clean my cache and close all apps I don’t need to stay open every day. I’ve even set up a separate Firestick with nothing on it except Amazon Apps and kodi with only one addon for sports. On that single Firestick I am running a consistent internet speed of between 80 and 90 and still the sports app buffers.
I have invested $$$ in trying to upgrade what I have but at the end of trying it becomes obvious my products are inadequate.
When the time comes I will definitely research the Nvidia Shield Pro.
Again Thank You


Sports apps can be very bandwidth intensive. One thing to note. If you are storing your sports app on an external USB, you may want to move it onto the Firestick for quicker response and smoother playback. With an app that is sending/receiving info continuously if on the USB Drive the stick needs to “talk” to it, so it sends a “request” to the app on the external drive, it then waits for a response, the app receives the request then fires up and sends info back to the firestick, thus adding an extra command/response stop. So with the app on the stick the command/request route is much shorter and much quicker. Not saying this will resolve all your issues, but it may be worth a try. Also not all USB drives are created equal. I use 16GB Sandisk USB 3.0 drives.

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Hello Miki,

Thank you for the input. Kodi is very unstable on the external drive. I’ve tried it on 3 seperate Firesticks so I’ve brought it back to internal drive on all three.

I do use a Sandisk USB 3.0 32GB.

Movies and TV shows seem to always stream well but sports ( primarily interested only in NHL)

always buffer. All has seemed to change between '21/'22 season and this year '22/'23 season.

Last season no buffering but also no commercials. In between periods I got to watch a loop of cleaning the ice over and over. At the time I thought, can you imagine, “commercials would be better”. Now I have commercials lol but also buffering.

Thank You for trying to assist,


Honestly for stability, dependability and ease of use I go with Tivimate and a paid IPTV sub.

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Ive actually had similar experience. The new Fire Sports seems to be beter with less buffering

Hello dodgersbob55,
What is “The new Fire Sports”?
I use kodi with one of the three Sports Apps I have installed.
Three because I try to find the best stream but they all buffer.
I am ethernet connected, run an average Internet speed of 80 to 90, and have external storage on my stick.
Please explain Fire Sports.


Type spotrfire.tv on downloader and hit go

What is the correct URL?

Do they carry live NHL.

How is the picture quality and more important is there buffering?


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