Kodi showing high Data

No build. Just have Crew and Seren add ons. Ive added some, but removed the sources and repositories. Still showing application 155MB, but Data 760MB.

Different Fire Max has about 100-150MB on data.

Any way to fix without deleting and reinstalling all addons and favorites again?

You can clear packages, and clear cache. If you don’t have a good cleaning program installed on your Kodi I would recommend KCleaner. It has options that the other maintenance type addons dont have.

Ive cleared cache in firestick settings, but the issue is in the data program. How do you use a program or clear cache/packages IN Kodi itself? Say with KCleaner?

If you clear the data, it would be like wiping the slate. Your Kodi will be back to like it was when you first installed it. Blank Kodi.

Packages are just the zip files of all the addons and updates you’ve installed in your Kodi. They build up over time are no longer needed once installed and should be deleted at a regular interval. There is an option in most cleaners to just specifically delete packages.

This https://jewbmx.github.io is the repo that has KCleaner in it. Download


If you already have the “TheWareHouse” or “The Crew” repo’s installed and want to save a little space, both of those repo’s have a maintenance add-on installed in them. When installing a maintenance add-on go to Install from repository>Program add-on (not video add-on) then install. I use EZ maintenance within the Warehouse repo, it cleans the catche, packages, and thumbnails and you can set it up to auto clean everytime you open Kodi.

Yes, that’s another probably more well known cleaner, and it works, but the KCleaner is very small in size and not only cleans, it also compacts databases which will save you quite a few MBs. The EZ Maintenance does not have this option, or didn’t last time I looked. You might be surprised at all the extra things you can do with KCleaner to save space. It also can clean the Textures Database. It’s pretty nifty and I’ve used it for at least a couple of years.

sounds awesome, I will try it now that you mentioned it. I generally don’t try new things (addon an apps) unless I get a recommendation from a trusted source. You had me at “will save you space”. Thanks

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LOL, I think you’ll like it. It’s all about saving space in all the different ways possible. It was recommended to me by a trusted source several years ago. Don’t know if anyone remembers Udan Garibaldi (from way back XBMC/Kodi days) but he was the king of answering any question I had about modifying the Xonfluence skin. He always had the answer. The man is a walking encyclopedia.