Kodi Serenity Addon trouble

I updated Kodi to v20 and loaded the Serenity addon as instructed. It worked, however it completely took over Kodi. Whenever I launched Kodi it would go straight to Serenity with no way to get to my other add ons. Looked like a great addon, but I don’t want to be a one trick pony on Kodi. Uninstalled Kodi and reinstalled multiple times, same issue each time.

Welcome,Serenity is a build, that’s what they do. The normal Kodi interface is changed and all your addons are probably on a too; bar of some sort. bottom of the screen most of the time. Clear your data and cache in Kodi and just install a add on. Lots of topics about this on troypoint.com


Just install Kodi v20 on it’s own and add your own add-ons separately, .

I did. then followed the step by step on troypoint to load Serenity. Once done cannot access anything but Serenity as it autoloads that when I launch Kodi. I had previously added Crew and another add-on with no issues. The serenity add on is the only issue Ive had so far. Cleared cache, etc…nothing worked to prevent the issue.

So serenity take over the whole kodi interface and becomes the way I access my other add-ons? OK…would have been a nice thing for troypoint to add to the article to manage the expectation.

Yes it’s a build. It has multiple add ons in it. But it is also very large so might not wok well with Fire sticks and such. Kodi with 1 or 2 add ons is all you need. Crew, Homelander, etc.

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So are you saying it won’t let you get back to the main Kodi interface, Estuary? That’s where all your addons will be.

Correct. On launch of kodi, serenity takes over. If I try to close serenity, it shuts down kodi too. Its like all I have is Serenity, which is not particularly serene. Serenity now!


You have to go into settings/ interface/ skin/ and change skin to back to estuary then you will be back at main Kodi interface.

Thanks, that helped. However, after adding Serenity I no longer have Crew showing as an addon. Does it remove everything else in the install? I did notice that I get a few different options in the install process than what the tutorial shows.
I appreciate the help.

Had to re-add crew and other addons, but it worked and all is good in the world once again. Thanks for helping me with this.


I’ve never had any problems with addons being removed, but glad it worked out for you!!

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