Kodi question re..downloading

I have been able to download movies using Kodi . A friend asked me about downloading TV shows.

I use The Crew to download movies.

I have enabled downloads and set the path for both movies ad TV but cannot get TV shows.

So my question is it possible to download TV shows , so i can put on exHD for her ?

Why not use an app like stremio that will get you all the seasons and episodes on demand. No need to record.

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Cant ask for tv shows by name on programs like that.

I download a few movies/shows from time to time especially if I’m going to be on a plane with no wifi or don’t want to pay for the wifi so just have them on my PC’s drive. anyway that is very strange that it’s working for movies but not TV shows. As long as you have your directory paths set up to where you want the downloaded file you should be good to go. Adding a screenshot of my Download settings I have in the Crew

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You download tv series the same way as movies, at least in Nightwing. I know you probably know this, but for others, you download the actual link you want, not the episode. To answer Miki’s ?, there are alot of reasons to download rather than use on-demand in kodi, my biggest use of downloads are when traveling. I download for the kids on a road trip, and for a flight, really anyplace you don’t have internet.

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Everything looks right as long as you have the path correct in your download/tv setting. Nightwing is in the crew repo, take a sec to install it and try it there, it may be the crew tv category is the problem.

Ahh ok. I understand. Stremio does allow downloading as well, not to mention that once it’s configured you only need to install it on another device, log in, and your entire configuration is applied and at your disposal. RD integration as well as trakt and much more stable and secure than Kodi. Pretty much every good app like TiViMate allows downloading. Have fun and STREAM ON.

Try as you will, you will not get me to give up my kodi for stremio. I have added this to my list of “do not engage in conversation’s” Politics, Religion, and Kodi vs Stremio!

Lol. All good, best we don’t talk about Kodi as I never use it anymore and never will. Good luck on those problems. Have fun and STREAM ON.

Is using Kodi to download easier or harder than using a torrent link on the Real Debrid website? I have never tried either, I feel like downloading crosses a line that I’m not comfortable with. It is tempting in small spurts for a plane ride, car ride for my son, etc though. I saw the page on the RD website where you can paste a magnet link to direct download…was wondering if anyone has successfully used that.

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It’s easy on both KODI and RD. I prefer KODI because I just set my download path once for Movies/TV Shows and then any link I download is automatically there. Yeah as I said before I use it only when I’m going to be travelling on a plane or somewhere where the wifi sucks or no internet access which is rare

I’m with you on using it sparingly. I only use it when I know no internet is available. I download kodi to a flashdrive and keep it handy. Fairly simple and only takes a couple seconds. If you have more time and dont want to download, another option is to install kodi on your laptop and just record it onto a flashdrive or directly onto your laptop. I’m pretty sure thats 100% ok as you are not downloading and only using for personal use. Those other things you mentioned, I know nothing about, but after the initial learning curve, kodi is easy and fast.

Oh for sure that is what I do. I have KODI on 2 Android Boxes and also have the windows Version installed on my PC for the sole purpose of testing new Builds/Addons (Much faster and easier on Windows) and to download directly to a drive on my PC for the few times I need to watch something offline

Miki: “Do you have time to talk about our Lord and Savior, Stremio?”

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