Kodi or stremio for picture quality

Does anyone who uses both notice any differences in picture quality.

Cant really see a difference.

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The media player don’t have anything to do with it . It’s the type of file you use that makes the differences in picture quality .

I asked because some folks on reddit said that kodi has a better media player so better quality picture. With all the trouble stremio has had with torrentio I will probably re download Kodi. Especially since Fen is back in action.

Just what we need another KODI vs Stremio battle! :rofl:

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I like both but that’s just me.

I’m in. Put em up @MarkxG :muscle::smile: :boxing_glove:

Please don’t hurt me

Btw, absolutely no problem with Torrentio in stremio for me, never have had issues with it.

Probably cause your a canuck hey

Didn’t you mean Eh? :rofl:

exactly. I remember this from my hockey coaching days.

Same here!