Kodi only sourcing small GB downloads on recent movie releases even with real debrid

Even after weeks after a new movie is released unable to get better/larger downloads , even on real debrid. Downloads are poor quality (Slotslights.com etc)

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Sometimes a smaller file size isn’t a bad thing. They tend to stream with out buffering.
Having said that, what device are you streaming with?

Sometimes the site you are trying to stream from, will limit the size of the file that is scraped. If you can go in and change the size, if available.

Firestick 4K, seems if I try too soon after a new release date that it will not source 4K or better quality downloads. I am using THE CREW, in theaters, recent releases like No Time to Die or The last duel. Even with real debrid paid, 4 available 1080p 0.69GB, 0.73GB, Solidtorrents and BT4G providers, Xvid codec, poor quality if at all

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Hello Darylc, I’m definitely no expert on this but I think it comes down to when better links are available regardless whether you use Real-Debrid or not. I have come across this problem many times, waiting sometimes months for the addon regardless of what site I am using to get me a 4k link or HD, happens all the time using Kodi or not.

Almost every movie I want to see after it shows up has a waiting period, most if not all first show up in cam format first, than after waiting it out the solid links show up from these sites in 4k or HD, we just need to be patient :ok_man:

What I did is make a simple wish list using favorites on my addon sites, the movie I want to see is in my favorites, I just click and check it once a week to see if it’s in cam or 4k or HD, remember, we are cord cutters, we only need to be patient :+1:

If the movie isn’t leaked or out besides theaters you will not get a better quality then cam.

Until something out of theater or direct to stream or leaked that is all you will get. Regardless if using paid service.

As soon as a copy is out it updates.

Watching the video below will help if this is happening on older stuff too. I can so a quick search if needed.


Change your settings. Watch my video.

DM me and tell me which movie you’re searching. I’ll let you know how many sources I get when I’m done watching this show.

If it’s still in theaters and hasn’t been released on streaming services yet then the best you’re going to get is cam copies unless it’s leaked.

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