Kodi on Firestick takes forever to come up

Yes, cache are cleaned. I have firesticks on 4 TV. As of about 60 days ago when starting Kodi it may or may not start on all TV’s. I have to go home, restart, go home, restart several times before it comes up. I saw a post that this same issue is on another device besides firestick. On my W11 PC this are no issue other that TRAKT error:503 won’t let me search movies. TV programs yes but not movies on any of my addon’s.

Using a build? If so, ditch it.

I also last night got the Trakt Error: 503 on my BuzzTV x5 box - just means it’s down as it has been since at least yesterday.
Clear the data & start with barebones KODI & install Skeleton Crew or some other light build (Troy has plenty of tutorials on how to install various builds). Probably just need to clean the cobwebs out & start afresh.

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