Kodi Off A Thumb Drive

Not sure how to ask this but here goes. I am using a thumb drive for more storage capability. My thumb drive has 61.11 GB of 61.45 GB available. Since I put Kodi on the thumb drive I swear the picture on my LG OLED is not as bright and the colors are not as vibrant. Any idea as to why this is?

Depending on the specs of both your primary streaming device and your USB or other external drive, you are essentially asking your device to go wake up kodi, ask it to do something, then kodi sends info to your device and waits for the next command, and on and on. Making it slow.
Kinda like going to your neighbour and asking for a cup of sugar, wait for them to get it, walk home, and use it, when you could have asked somebody in your kitchen to pass the sugar, which would have been quicker.

Appreciate the reply! So maybe a faster thumb drive with less memory will help?

Well you should use at least a 3.0 or 3.1, but even then you can experience issues. My opinion is, that any cpu & GPU intensive apps should be kept on your main device for minimum issues, and anything kept on external storage should be just things like recordings or secondary apps like ES File Explorer or Analiti, Fast task killer, background apps and processes list, well you get the idea.

Thanks. That helps A lot. I will do just that.

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