Kodi not working from fire stick home

I recently installed Kodi on my firestick and an add-on for movies worked about a week and then it stopped working I click on the link on my firestick home page and it just blinks and then gos nowhere

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Is it kodi Matrix 19.3? What add-on?

Yes it is 19.3 and I believe that the oath add on looks like a fire

I guess my main question is if I reinstall the Kodi am I going to have to go through the reinstall and the add-on also or will it just fix it

If you uninstall and reinstall you’ll have to reconfigure any add-ons I believe. Have you tried going into applications>manage installed applications>kodi>clear cache ?

I will try clearing the cache now thank you

Okay thank you that works for getting the Kodi working again but I lost my add-ons I’ll just have to reinstall that thank you very much

Ohh. Did you accidently “clear data” ? Clearing cache should not have affected the add on, but clearing data will.

Yes I clear the data off though so I had to re-install my ad on but everything is good now thank you very much for your help again

There ya go. Next time I’m sure you’ll remember to just clear the cache. Have Fun and STREAM ON.

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