Kodi Not Showing Zip Files on Android

Playing around with a modified version of Kodi today, I noticed that I couldn’t see any of my backup files to restore them or install addons from a local .zip file. After researching and playing around some more I found out that on newer Android OS you have to go into your app settings and change file permissions for Kodi to be “always” instead of just “when using app”. Surprisingly, this made all of my .zip files show up again in Kodi.


Thanks for that info, when i installed kodi on my buzzbox i didnt seem to have that issue. I wonder if this just pretains to backups? I did a fresh install with seren.

But this is helpful to know especially with modified versions. Etherway good info.

Thanks for that info too. I was wondering :thinking: why I could see them on my Buzzx5 but same kodi on Formuler z11 and they wouldn’t show up.:+1:

Thanks for this info @Jayhawks659 !


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