Kodi not loading

why do i need to restart my firestick whenever i use kodi ,i can watch something on kodi,the turn it off ,when i try and go back it wont load,im using oath,also when i first loaded oath ,i have to go to addons on the screen to load content doesnt it have a screen saver like others ive used

I find my kodi matrix 19.3 locks up, on occasion, using the Mad Titan addon. I find I have to use the home button on my 4K Max and force close kodi then clear cache. I’ve tried to isolate how and why this happens but no luck so far. So instead of restarting the stick try force closing kodi then clear the cache and see if it will start. I’ve taken to doing this every time I back out of Kodi now.

Not to interfere here or be off topic, but when this happens isn’t there a button on the remote you can long press to give you options to close anything that’s running?

For example on my z8 I can long press the burger stack and it will close anything I have open. So if I clicked syncler then moved to kodi and when I’m done I hit home then long press to close out them completely.

Asking, because if there is that would be easier no?


Sometimes kodi hangs with the firestick it’s mainly to do with the low ram or storage issues. If your storage is fine it may be ram.

On the Firestick you can long press the “home” button but this only brings up access to options like your apps, but you still have to end up in “manage installed apps”, to be able to select the locked app, force close, clear cache.
I did notice the low RAM comment but that’s never been an issue on my 4K Max and I still get the occasional hang, but only when performing specific tasks and that’s difficult to isolate as it’s intermittent. But I’m on it.

rags 712, next time that happens try Fast Task Killer. Also, remember to stop the program you are watching in Kodi before exiting.

@Miki I know you don’t like Builds but most of the Builds have options in the wizard where you can automate certain maintenance functions i.e., like having your cache cleaned each time KODI is opened

I already have that done without a build just an addon. Oh perhaps I should mention the addon in case anyone else wants to use it, “Open Wizard”. Tx

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I had same thing happen. I uninstalled Kodi and reinstalled it with only crew addon.I installled a few addons that were in kodi after I installed it. It got where it would no load at all until I did the above…Hope this might help someone. using 4K Max stick

so when i hit on kodi icon it goes directly to th page with addons i dont know what happened after i used rapid app installer it never installed correctly because i dont have a menu page or maybe its a screen saver page how do i get the screen saver to install

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