Kodi - low memory version? fireTV

What is the lowest memory version of Kodi for fireTV? That will not eat local memory with poster downloads or other memory expanding actions ?

Kodi itself isn’t small.
The way to minimize memory is to install just one good addon and to keep the default plain blue opening window…(aka, estuary skin)

The builds come with all the extra graphics. Addons don’t.

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Kodi on it’s own, and put your own add-ons separately.

I agree that the Estuary skin and stand alone addons is the answer to your question. It’s also part of my Keep it Simple (KIS) strategy to minimize the issues with kodi viewing.

I tried the Grindhouse build on my Max many months ago and had no problems. The only reason I took it off was because it had way more stuff than I would ever use. It was certainly well maintained and joining their group helps get you solutions to problems super fast. @MarkxG is the man to pm about this.

Run Skeleton Crew - great low resources build made by one of our members. I run it on both my boxes - works very well!

Here’s Troy’s instructions on how to install -



I second the Skeleton build. Mainly because I have quick access to the guy who built it :joy: :skull:…j/k…its a very good build

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