Kodi freezes when buffers

My Kodi 19.2 starts to buffer, immediately says 100 and freezes. Have to quit program to fix.

I loaded Kodi 19.1 and within a couple hours I uninstalled it and went back to Kodi 18.9. I was having similar problems with buffering and freezing. Kodi 18.9 runs all my addons just fine with no buffering or freezing. I also use Real-Debrid.

I’m running 19.1 with no problems. What add-ons are you getting buffering with?

I’m running 19.2, and no buffering, no freezing.


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Kodis buffering will be dependent on your internet down speed and/or the device your using kodi on.

If the resources are heavily used on the device kodi will suffer.

Check your down speed on the device kodi is on.

My download speed is 210Mbs

Freezes on Oath and Crew. Never counts up. Just says 100 and freezes.

I am using a Windows 10 computer with 16 gigs of ram.

As in the loading icon gets to 100 and then it won’t play? It doesn’t start at all? And this happens on every single link you try to play? Are these free sources or debrid?

Sounds like maybe you’re having a playback problem, not buffering. Could be your player settings or it could be an issue with the sources not having any seeders. If you’re playing debrid sources it definitely shouldn’t be a problem on the source side. Did you update from a previous version of Kodi or was this a fresh install?

Thank you for letting me know. Now, any usable suggestions would be appreciated.

Free sources. Only occasional playbacks. Never counts up. Immediately says 100 and freezes. Fresh install of KODI 19.2 , Windows 10 computer with 16 gigs ram. Never happened on previous versions.

Hi @rich5544
If you are wanting just add-ons, and everything else checks out as others have suggested, try The Crew, Seren, Venom; Using real-debrid with all of them.


Guess I am hard headed. Using Debrid means it is no longer free. (and I have had problems signing up with real-debrid)

Oath and Crew. Both do the same thing.

Hi @rich5544
The add-ons are free, real-debrid does cost about $3 USD per month.
There have been other on the forum that have had a challenge getting real-debrid to work. Might use the search button and find out what others have done to fix their issue. Premiumize.me is another popular app that others use. It works on the same principle as real-debrid. Just a thought.

Thank you for the suggestions.

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