Kodi Firestick Decoder off

Firstly let me apologise for raising this subject again, but I’ve been trying for two days and cannot find my original post.
So here goes, I have two Firesticks 4K and Max both had got to the point of doing nothing until I did the updates and they wouldn’t let me do them as is.
So I formatted the 4K and set it up as a new device, all went well (I love the seven ok trick) opened up a whole new world for me lol
So after all that was done I loaded my usual suspects Seren, Team-Crew, Rising-Tides, The Loop there are others but I’ll leave it there for the moment.
On Seren and Team-Crew I added my Real-Debrid and Trakt details, and on Kodi 19.4 on Audio I selected 7.1 allow passthrough and selected the four codecs available DD AC3, DD E-AC3, DTS, DTS HD.
So with all that done I went off to watch the series that I had started to watch before the 4K went tits up.
I run it on Team-Crew first selected the option on the torrent list episode started to run but no audio sometimes it loaded Italian but no sound I changed to the English option still no sound all I’m getting is “Decoder off” on the Receiver.
Oh at this point I should point out the I have ARC setup I have the FS connected to the Receiver, and the receiver to the TV ARC port HDMI 2.

That’s about it three day’s I’ve tried everything I can think off, can some kind soul please help me get out of this dilemma.

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Can’t use regular ARC to passthrough higher bandwidth audio streams like that. You need an enhanced audio return channel (eARC) to do that.

If you have a receiver, and if your receiver can in fact handle all of those codecs, then you need to plug the fire stick directly into the receiver and then use the receivers output to connect to the TV. It’s also usually best practice to set your receivers sound processing mode to “direct” unless you have a strong preference for one of the other sound processing modes.

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Nvm, just read your post again and you said the FS is directly connected to the receiver. Try these things.

  1. Are you sure you went into the FS settings and changed the audio output to enable DD+?
  2. Are you certain your surround sound is 7.1?
  3. If the decoder is off then you need to change your sound processing mode on your receiver.
  4. Make absolutely sure that all of your sound settings in Kodi match what your receiver is capable of. If your receiver cannot process TrueHD audio then leave the toggle off in Kodi.

P.S. Why are you getting Italian streams? Watch my video on how to change Kodi settings to default to English if that is your primary language.


Thanks for the reply.
But I have had this setup working for yonks.
the receiver connected to the TV HDMI 2 and the Firestick into the Yamaha.
I’ve factory reset the Firestick, and factory reset the Receiver, and the FS 4K is in the Receiver.
This is the way I have always set it up, and usually works fine.

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Read my second reply

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Have you noticed that there are now only four codecs on Kodi, as I stated above?
Now there’s no True HD and the other variant of that.
And yes I do change then audio to English when available.

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Depends on that device you’re using. If I’m on my FS there are 4 options. If I’m on my Shield there are more. Kodi detects your device audio settings. That’s why I said go into your FS settings and double check that. But if your receiver is saying “decoder off” then that seems pretty clear to me. You need to change the settings on your receiver.

Another thing is that everything runs perfect on Syncler with either the default player or MX pro don’t like pro I can net see wants highlighted lol

Post pictures of the following things:

  1. FS audio settings
  2. Kodi player settings > language tab
  3. Kodi system settings > audio tab
  4. Your receivers sound mode
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Will do bruv
Soon as I suss out how to do it.
give me a while, can’t do it straight away.

Damn, I have never seen this startup video for Kodi. And I am embarrassed to say that after going through the video most of my settings were wrong.

I have a 4k TV but Kodi was set to 1080p. So all this time I am thinking I am watching 4k movies and shows and I was not. I also didn’t realize that I needed to change the sound to 5.1 to match my surround sound system.

Geez, I clearly had no idea how to operate Kodi. Thank you so much for the videos and all the other help you provide to the members


That’s why we do it :wink:


What is the seven OK trick

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Guessing he’s talking about enabling developer options


What’s your YT channel ? I’ll add you.

It’s really not that special. All the videos that apply to streaming I posted on here. I just needed a place to upload them lol. I think my Kodi video has like over 30K views in just over a month. I was shocked.


The way I see it is I can always learn a trick or two . Over 30k views you’re doing something right :+1:
:pirate_flag: Pete :pirate_flag:


Exactly @Jayhawks659 ,always something to learn. Don’t discount your impact on people!

Right then meanwhile back at the ranch.
So got it sorted (at least for the time being) like Jay mentioned in his first post about turning passthrough off, I run the episode I wanted to watch on the far right Settings>audio settings>passthrough off.
Sound came on immediately.
And thanks also to Jay from me for the heads up on Kodi, now my options list has only Addons, the default movie language is English.
This stuff is great, thanks a mill Jay :hugs: