Kodi Diggz Xenon update

Kodi Diggz Xenon update now Kodi is not working. Anyone else have this issue and how to solve it

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CJay this is my first time responding on anything on here so you may want to take my answer with a grain of salt. lol You didn’t mention what type of equipment your using so I’ll answer on what I done with my Firestick. I went to applications, manage applications, Kodi and force closed it then before reopening Kodi I restarted my Firestick. I’m not for sure if any of these things had anything to do with it but it’s working great now. Hopefully someone more experienced will chime in. Good luck!


Thanks, you are totally right I gave no info. I am using nvidia shield pro 21 hardwired Ethernet connection on a LG smart iOS web tv 4k. Just figured I’d put it out there. Hindsight lol.

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I’ve had similar issues with other addons when first adding them. My 4K Max will simply lock up in kodi and display a grey unresponsive screen. On 2 occasions I waited for about 3 minutes before it became responsive, maybe a slow server or feed from where ever the addon is getting it’s coding from, I don’t know. But on 2 other addons I tested I had to use the “home” button to be able to force close and clear kodi cache which then gave me access to the addon and it functioned correctly.

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