KODI Diggz - Slow downloading during build upgrade?

Has anyone else found the download from the Diggz build slow at the moment? I’m getting high download rates on other apps, but Diggz only in the Kb/s.


Yes. I had 30KB/s earlier tonight. Trying now and still only 64 KB/s. Not my connection at all, can download other builds at 10 MB/s easy.


Same here, upgraded diggz 6.6 now nothing will open or close down


Downloaded the upgrade this morning … approx 8am GMT … came down the pipe at around 2meg. No problems. It does depend on timing though … I think it’s better to try when the Americans are sleeping.

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I had the same problem with 6.6 upgrade last night (31kb). I am going to try again this morning. Will report my findings.

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It is possible the server is experiencing slow connection or overloaded sever strain.

I don’t use builds I prefer clean kodi addons but as upgrades push out everyone trys to do it so it may be just slow. Report back your findings.

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I just upgraded to 6.6. And rising tide isn’t working. Comes up with error check your log. I don’t understand what it means.

Diggz 6.6 is back up to normal dl speeds.

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Can confirm it’s much faster today. Only took a few minutes to download versus the estimated 100 hours I was given last night :joy:

Thanks folks for your replies.


Downloading it now and it’s slooooow. This is going to take hours to download

Mine is working now.
Thanks everyone :blush:

It only takes about 15 - 20 minutes for me to upgrade the Diggz upgrades, part of using a build I guess

As of 2:45 PM Eastern standard time Sunday, October 31 speeds for eggs servers are extremely slow

9pm central and is extremely slow at 90 minutes. Will try in am. Hopefully everyone will go to work!