Kodi crew sports

Not sure if this appropriate to ask but I’ve tried to get the Big Ten network
and can’t seem to find it anywhere. Some of there games that are not shown
on BT network can be seen but nothing that is televised direct on there own


Hi @glb1025
So the Crew will broadcast on their IPTV channel BIG10 games and can usually be found on Fox channel (who hold the broadcast rights to the BIG10 which is why you won’t always find BIG10 games on the BIG10 network).
Another place where you can look for it would be on Mad Titan add-on; which is part of the Crew repository.


wondering if I have crew sports right as I can NCAA football, NFL baseball but on NCAA basketball
I only get to links and neither one will load is this normal or should there be more options
I tried to add Mad Titan and said it could not connect, any instructions would be appreciated

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Hi @glb1025
So here is Troy’s tutorial on installing the Crew. Just review it for accuracy and to make sure you installed correctly.

The Crew has sports integrated as part of the add-on, as well as and IPTV. You can check both to find what you want to view.
As far as Mad Titan:
It’s url is: https://magnetic.website.com
You can name it whatever (I use magnetic) then go through the usual install procedure of install from repository then install from zip file then on the next screen install.

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USTV GO has the Big Ten plus an amazing amount of other channels to choose from. I was watching the BT network today.


I agree that The Crew add-on for Kodi works great for sports as well as Movies & TV shows. However, I noticed today that there is a separate app for The Crew Sports that’s not associated with The Crew. When I downloaded, it didn’t create a new add-on, just defaulted to the regular The Crew add-on. From that experience, I don’t think there is a separate sports add-on for The Crew, especially since Sports is already a category in The Crew, which is why it’s been my favorite. I get every NFL game on it and many other sports I like to watch.

Not sure if anyone has a separate add-on for this, or if it’s even necessary. If there is one, I’d like to know and I’ll add it to check it out.