Kodi CREW not working

a non-Debrid Crew long time install suddenly won’t open old links - except one or two. It just blinks and goes back to the list. Should Crew be reloaded or can anyone recommend a good Kodi alternative for us ND users?

Usually, this means there are no links for the requested video. A message saying “no links available” should appear but this may not always be the case.

I would try clearing cache and see if that helps if not take a look here for a different add on.https://troypoint.com/best-kodi-addons/ Lots of new ones, just give em a try until you find one that works for you. But if possible use real debrid and you will get tons of links. :v:

Being that you already have the crew repo downloaded, just go to “install from repository” > The Crew> Homelander and install Homelander. Lots of ND links that work.


I have the same problem with Kodi. I get to the main screen no problem. But then no matter what I click on the screen goes black, and nothing shows up.Any ideas?

Just tested the Crew and confirmed that the tv category is down. Happened before and is exactly why I quit using it for tv and movies. Also tested Homelander and it is working great.

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That explains it. Meanwhile, I installed Homelander and will try it out. Thanks for the referral.

Not sure why MarkxG deleted his post which found his CREW was working OK, since mine still isn’t But Homelander works well and has the same look. To install use https://troypoint.com/homelander-kodi-addon/

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Sorry, I went back and read the first post from the OP and saw he was looking for non debrid working addons. I’ve been using The Crew for months but without Real Debrid or equivalent very few addons have working sources. If you have one good for you

Real debrid won’t help you with TV, especially with Kodi. RD only works for movies and series.

Seren andCrew are both git-hub…aren’t they basically the same?

Seren you have to install scrapers to get your feeds. Crew much simpler. But Seren with RD is what I use almost always, very good quality and more reliable than The Crew lately.

Whether you add your personal Trakt account or not, certain parts of the crew addon require Trakt to work. The tending lists for example are generated from Trakt. When their issue is resolved then the crew will be back to normal.


Yes RD helps with TV Shows - i get RD downloads for every show i watch.
Also, i went from using the Crew last night trying to do a search & used Homelander or Nightwing - both resulted in finding the TV Show i was after.


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