Kodi Builds With Retro Gaming Built In?

Hello everyone. I have a Mecool KM2 and a few fire sticks. I installed Kodi last night and the new Diggs build, I saw an arcade tab and started the process to set it up but during the download of the NES/SUPERNES it continuously crashed the Kodi app and I had to force close and restart multiple times. I never could get it to work.

Anyone know of other builds that you are using that have the gaming emulators up and running for ease of use inside kodi?

Is it even worth the time using Kodi for retro gaming? I am not up to speed with installing ROMS on my Mecool or firesticks to play in Retro Arch. Thanks for the info.

Troypoint used to have a retroarch download, I never tried it but it must have worked or Troypoint would not have had it there,

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The Diggz build has IAGL built in it which is set to pull the roms directly from the internet archive itself you do not need to download roms or anything as far as that goes it’s all set up for you already!! U can choose to leave it as the default setup which is ran through the built in Kodi player or you can set it up to load through RetroArch where it’ll play through the individual emulators that it has and you can also set up the standalone emulators that are out there as well!! IAGL is a very nice set up they’ve put a lot of work and thought into it and they’re constantly trying to make it better!!
Here’s the link to get started on how to set it up, you’ll find the link to the wiki and the faq’s at the bottom!


Sounds cool, Id like to check it out. I know beelink sells a high dollar box for gaming but what ive heard is its just packed with free stuff you can find on the internet.

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Thanks; I figured it out yesterday afternoon! I’ll keep the information handy.

Tons of fun. Just have to find an emulator in the list that works for N64. That’s the only game platform I wasn’t able to try.

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