Kodi builds that have sports replays

Anyone know of a Kodi 19.1 build that has sports replay, (Bkfc)
Thanks in advance

Have you looked at the Xenon Free build …6.1 I believe is the current version. Has a pretty good selection of sports. I only use it for the Southern Hemisphere rugby which Rugbypass seems to have fkd for all cordcutters. The app on Xenon I find the best is SportsHD. Good luck.

I find ,although it’s not a sports app, THE CREW has the best sports replays …

If you use unlinked code 444444444 there is an app called DoomzDay which is a Kodi based build, install this, under its builds list is a sports build called world of sports it’s the best thing out there.

The unlinked store has over 500 apps Dday is most probably in the last 100, their are other options but don’t bother with them.

I use end zone installed in kodi all live sports use a vpn

Thanks for the response

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